Reliving The Biking Experience

The Adventure Club – Backpackers organised yet another enthralling event to keep its legacy of riveting experiences. It was a cycling event this time and the route was from SIMS to SIU Lavle campus, a 40 km ride on bicycles organised by the strong efforts of Umesh Chander Sharma of batch 2013-15. A good, pumped up group of forty three registered for the event and started off at 6 AM. The morning of 10th November was drenched with enthusiasm as each participant anticipated the outcome and expected to put their capacity to test.
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A talk with Shripal Gandhi

Mr Shripal Gandhi, Founder CEO, Swipe Telecom, visited SIMS campus during Barcode, and was interviewed by Mihir Haryal, Batch 2013-15,  Editorial and Media Relations Cell of SIMS. 


Q. What is the prime difference between leading a normal life and leading an entrepreneurial life?

A- An entrepreneurial life involves taking a lot of sacrifices each day on multiple fronts. But before becoming an entrepreneur, an individual must be sure of what he is willing to give up. That said, the rewards are also very high; be it in terms of monetary abundance or an individual’s holistic growth. This life is very self driven, here you are an auto-starter not a kick-starter. An entrepreneur always gets out of his bed on his own sweet will, which I believe is one of the differences of this life. We’re very passionate about our work, we treat our ideas, like a mother would [love] her baby.

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