Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game

As the new semester started and our proficient gurus got busy with the training and evaluations of the future managers, the sports cell organized a small event for the faculty and staff “SIMFAST”. A small break is what all of us need to cut the monotony of life. To rejuvenate the faculty the STAGS organized very simple yet intriguing indoor sports. The very master faculty of ours portrayed the true meaning of gamesmanship as they used all their management knowledge to strategize moves for carom, teamwork in table tennis doubles and game plan in the ping-pong ball. It was very motivating to see them participate with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

All the STAGS were very contended that all their efforts were appreciated and the event was a lot more than what they expected with the presence and participation of the members of SIMS


Games. Dance. Rains. This is how we Break the Ice.

This article is contributed by Akshaya Ravi (Batch 2014-16). Akshaya is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2014-15.


What is the most difficult thing for a Junior? Ask a senior out for an evening.

It has been more than a month since the new batch joined SIMS and seniors got back to the campus and until now we never got a chance to interact with the senior batch. As this is placement time for seniors and it is raining assignments on us, this is the perfect time where we have to get to know each other. In order to break the barriers and comfortably interact with each other, the Events cell organized Ice Breaker 2014 from 16th July 2014 to 18th July 2014.

Junior student managers were told to bring along a senior with them as their partner. Well, some were lucky whereas others had a hard time. The event started with musical chair where the juniors were seated facing the seniors in a circle. What happened if you don’t manage a seat when music stops? Well you get a Penalty- the most overused word of the season.  It was then, when we got to know about the hidden talents in our batch. The dancers (of all kinds), rappers, mimicry artist, polls and singers came into the limelight through this game. This was followed by games like Tug of War and arm-wrestling where in seniors and juniors battled it out to show their strength. No party is complete without dance. The event ended with a bang as everyone danced their heart content. Rains and buckets of water made the evening better. It was “Rain Dance” at SIMS after all.

An amazing show was organized up by the JETS. Although it was the first event organized by them, they kept their guests busy and entertained all along.


A Talk With Mr.Minocher Patel

Mr Minocher Patel

Mr Minochar Patel, Leading Motivational Speaker visited our campus on 12 July 2014. Interviewed by Tanmay Joshi and Akshaya Ravi batch (2014-2016)

Q: As a motivational speaker you inspire and motivate others, but as an individual what motivates you every morning, every day of the week?

Ans: Like I say, my goal is simple, to see you meet your goals, and it is truly so. Every time I feel that if my presence has made at least one person happy and motivated, I too feel very elated and motivated to carry on. Lots of people believe what I do is my job, but in reality it is not just a job, never was a job and never will be, because I love what I do.


Q: What motivated you to start “Ecole Solitaire”? Considering the fact that concept of finishing school is not so much prevalent in the country yet.

Ans: People in India lack “self-presentation“. They may be well qualified but they still need to work upon etiquettes and manners. Every school/college should have finishing wing so as to impart not just knowledge but also skills such as etiquettes, communication skills, and personality development.


Q: Did you have support from family and friends when you first proposed the idea of this type of school since not many have ventured in this untested avenue?

Ans: Obviously the people around me were sceptical about this idea, but they did support me through thick and thin. I started this school along with my good friend Anil Goel.


Q: Tell us about your book – ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY?

Ans: The book ordinary to extraordinary is a highly motivational book. I intended it for the youngsters of our society who have so much energy and potential to do wonders.


Q: What is your advice to budding entrepreneurs?

Ans: India is a land of opportunities. Entrepreneurs should step up and follow their dreams. One should look for a good team of like-minded, motivated, competent people. Before taking the leap one should plan well so as to be prepared for all eventualities. Because hard work should always be accompanied by smart work. And lastly believe in God.

Q: In a corporate environment do you feel it would be conducive to be always jolly and smiling? Would it not be perceived as being aloof and at times unproductive?

Ans: Some people have this mind block that if you are a business professional you have to don this poker-face expression to be able to lead or manage, but actually you will yourself notice the effect positive energy has on people around you when you are happy and making others happy. You don’t need to be funny all the time. What happens is when you are serious all the time, you don’t tend to attract feedback which is not at all good.

“The Power of Happy Leadership “

My goal is, simple helping you meet yours

This article is compiled by Lipakshi Gera (Batch 2014-16). Lipakshi is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2014-15.

360 degree team gave us the opportunity to attend a lecture of yet another dignitary  Mr. Minocher Patel awarded with “The Katha”, UK Global excellence award at the House of Lords, London for emerging as the best, powerful and entertaining motivational speakers produced by India. Mr. Patel addressed the student managers on “The Power of Happy Leadership”.

The pioneering personality presented a lecture that was oratorical endorsement of the value of being happy to perform better as a leader. He elaborated as to how each person is responsible for his own happiness and should find it in the little moments, which every phase of life brings to him. One should not wait for the big things to happen. Mr. Patel voiced his ideas on being in a good state of mind, being expressive, to be sincere and to train our minds to be contended, because a happy leader will always create happy occasions, moments and feelings.

The emphasis was on the importance of self-motivation and the requirement of having a vision, a goal, an aim. It was also very educating to understand the importance of being humble, grateful and modest and this advice of his would definitely transform ordinary to extraordinary

Mr. Minocher Patel concluded his speech with the belief of being patient and calm so that you grow to succeed.


This article is contributed by Gaurav Nayal (Batch 2013-15)


Earth. Our planet. Our home. Let me reiterate. Earth. My planet. My home. There are things when looked from a different perspective become different altogether. The reason why I changed ‘our’ to ‘my’ is because unless we change our perception towards the problems that plague planet earth from looking at them collectively to actually feeling them inside (within ourselves), we shall never be able to truly do anything tangible about them. So once again I say, unless I take the onus of being an earthling true to the sense of its meaning I shall hardly be able to make any difference to my planet at all.

Now what differences am I talking about making here. It’s simple really. Innumerable issues infesting Earth need immediate amendments. From  sustainable development and climate change(read global warming) to transnational organised crime, from global convergence of the IT sector to the pervasive rich-poor gap, from status of women to democratization, from clean water to education, from plea for peace and dodging conflict to increasing population and scarcity of resources, from global health issues to science and technology, from energy to pollution, from global foresight and decision making to anti-fur movements and much needed animal cruelty sensationalization, from everything that matters to everything you think does not just because it’s happening a thousand miles away from your cosy home; we need to tackle them all ! And together we can, if and only if each one of us does our own bit.

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Reaching The Pinnacle !!

This article is contributed by Lipakshi Gera (Batch 2014-16). Lipakshi is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2014-15.

“Once we accept our limits we go beyond them”

                                               -Albert Einstein


The experience of metamorphosis is flabbergasting, 4-june-2014 with the commencement of a new account began a journey of self discovery .It instills in me a sense of pride that we all have been a part of this glorifying tradition and completed this rigorous journey. Orientation helped us to understand the meaning of “Symbiosis” from the morning wake up calls to the run for submission of assignments we have supported, bonded, helped, assisted and been dependent on each other and today life sans these new relationships seems inoperative.

The tik-tok of the clock kept us in rhythm and with each step there was a new learning experience; not missing the beat, matching steps and have the accurate synchronization with time. The 3 week long journey made us leader, manager and a team-player and this amalgamation is a strong foundation what SIMS has given us for building our dreams .The credit goes to the senior council members who are the best of actors, with there tough looks and brittle attitude and i us with fear for them. But like a caring pal, they heard all our stupid questions, cribbing sessions and silly excuses .

As they say tough times don’t last long  the orientation came to an end with a roar of relief and announcement of the junior council members. Life at SIMS is an extraordinary  journey to be cherished for life.!!!