The editorial and the media relation cell in collaboration with Pranay brought the student of SIMS together to take the #simsicebucket challenge. It is an initiative to fight against the cause of cancer. Our very own Director sir did the flag off; he commenced the event by pouring water on the students. The students at SIMS believe that alone we can do so little and together we can contribute so much, with this very belief large number of our student managers participated and donated generously.

We look forward to many such events to raise money and help the under privileged.

Strategem 2014

This article is written by Rhine Andotra(2014-2016).Rhine is a junior member of the editorial and media relations cell(2014-2015)

“Finance is a zero- sum game. Your gain is somebody’s loss

                                                                                                            – Seshasayee Shankaranarayanan

                                                                                                                      (  VP, Credit Suisse)

August 2014 as a part of SIMS Annual business seminar Colloquium 2014,Strategem 2014 was conducted by the infinite Club. We all witnessed the global monetar crisis that took place in 2008; the world is still recovering from the setback. Strategem 2014 theme “The Responsible Financier – India & Abroad” was to inculcate the sense of responsibility among the student managers such that such epidemics can be avoided in future. Eminent Speakers such as Smriti Vijay (CFO & Director, Aker Solutions), Seshasayee Shankaranarayanan (VP, Credit Suisse) and Ajay Kumar Asati (Associate Dir -Research Analytics, Crisil) gave a detailed insight on the topic and shared their experiences in the Our director initiated the event by highlighting that everyone today needs to have a good know – how about finance. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in marketing, finance or HR if you are a working professional you should know finance.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Asati gave knowledgeable inputs on what eventually led to the sub – prime crisis, sovereign crisis and libor scandal. He emphasized on need for enforcement of policies and ethical practices by financial intermediaries to avoid such crisis. Mr. Seshasayee Shankaranarayanan explained evolution of banking system from fundamentals to catering greed of economies. He explained that how in last 5-6 years regulating bodies all over the world have tightened the financial system and how banks have become more responsible. Ms. Smriti Vijay discussed the rising demand of risk management and how banking system works on the supply –demand (of fund) dynamics. The event was concluded with Q&A session between the eminent speakers and student managers where again few of the upcoming trends in finance sectors such as BRICS bank,m – banking, impact of fiscal inclusion etc. were discussed.

Dahi Handi

This article is written by Lipakshi Gera (batch 2014-2016). Lipakshi is a member of junior editorial team (2014-2015)

Janmashtmi the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great belief and devotion and we the students at SIMS followed the tradition with great zeal and enthusiasm on 18th Aug 2014.

Commencing by the lightening of the lamp by Director Sir enlightened the atmosphere. Seniors came in large numbers and also motivated the juniors to be a part of the “Dahi Handi “competition. The Govindas and SIMS ki Goriyas won the competition, team effort showcased by the student managers provides a glimse of their managerial skills. It was a successfulevent followed by dance and dinner.

dahi handi


This article is compiled by Akshaya Ravi . She is a Jedi batch (2014-2015)


08-Aug-14 commenced the Annual business seminar Colloquium 2014 with its first event 4Thought. The topic was “An insight on Global Indian Management Thought Process”. As our director rightly said one can learn more from people with knowledge and experience. The college saw many eminent speakers from corporate background who gave an insight on the topic. They spoke about their experiences in other countries and their observations on Indian style of management.

Mr Ajay Bhandari spoke about how the perception of people in USA about India has changed over the years. Thanks to globalization India has come a long way from a country of elephants and snake charmers to a dependable country of highly skilled and capable people. He spoke about how Indian style of management is completely different from the others. We Indians find it difficult to adhere to processes but do deliver the results qualitatively. Organized chaos works for India. Various speakers highlighted the fact that Indians have the “Somehow made it in time” attitude, popularly called as “Jugaad”. We find a way to do things which otherwise seem ambiguous hence impossible. We take up a challenge and deliver which sets us apart from the others. Indian management is adaptable, progressive and can be used anywhere.

The speakers highlighted the opportunities that are ahead for us and we are the future of the country.  We student managers need to have the ardent belief that we can achieve our goal if we progress towards it fearlessly. Hunger is no more associated with food but with recognition. We have ample opportunities where in we can deliver and make a huge difference in the coming years

Delhi Alumni Meet !!

Article complied by the alumni cell(2014-2015)

On the 27th otherof July 2014, Lighthouse 13 at Saket was a venue filled with a crowd, like no other. In attendance were a range of SIMS Alumni spanning over 20 batches. The crowd was enthusiastic and elated to see one another post their college days and spent most of theevening catching up with one another and reminiscing the times gone by. Moreover it was an occasion made even more special with the ten and fifteen year anniversaries of the 2004 and 1999 batches. Also in attendance was Mr. Rahul Yadav, a notable SIMS alumnus battling blood cancer. He is also the founder of the notable cause ‘Yoddhas’. He is working towards spreadingawareness about the fatal disease of Blood Cancer and garnering support from the online masses towards this initiative. The meet was successful in bringing together the alumni from different batches and helped them interact with both their junior as well as senior batches, allowing them to recollect the SIMS way of life, and what it means to be a SIMS-site for life!



This article is contributed by Lipakshi Gera (Batch 2014-16). Lipakshi is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2014-15.

The junior debate championship – Verbaturn 2014  a joint initiative by Confero (Debating Society) and “Abhigyata” the library cell. This was the first time a British Parliamentary Style Debate competition has been held in SIMS. The juniors to become a part of Confero devoted a lot of hard work and energy. “The house believes that a world without organized religion would be a better world” being the topic for debate. The government and the opposition obviously had conflicting views. The prime minister of the government believed that believing in God and following a religion are different and was supported by the members of the government where as the opposition was very determined in its approach and believed religion imbibes the inner force, which brings the equilibrium. The debate turned out to be a successful event and the confer team selected five juniors Pranav sood being the champion and Himani Yadav the first runners up.




This article is contributed by Lipakshi Gera (Batch 2014-16). Lipakshi is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2014-15.

The entrepreneurship cell pulled out an amazing event “MARKET BEAT” where the student managers participated with great enthusiasm. As very rightly said, “if you don’t build your dream some one else will hire you to help build theirs. The entrepreneurship cell helped the student managers to take the first step towards their endeavor.  There was amazing food stalls, recreational activities and laundry services that people thought were worth their money. It takes more than an idea to launch a business, an entrepreneur is passionate, a visionary and an expert and needless to say the participants had it all. After a lot of brainstorming, analysis and voting the E-cell declared  “Creativa” and “Sub-conscious” as the winners.