‘BARCODE’ which is the national level “Best Manager” event by SIMS, was launched in the fond memory of our beloved faculty, Prof. Deven Dhanak.

This year’s event kicked off with the introduction round of the 8 finalists, who were selected pan India from colleges like FMS Delhi, IIM-Trichy, IIT-B, NIAM-Jaipur and our own SIMS. The contestants introduced themselves with poetry, singing, dancing and even showing off some of their muscle power.

While rest of the student managers were busy enjoying events like arm wrestling, limbo pole, splash, pitthu, money ball, snakes and ladder, scavenger hunt, the participants were wrestling throughout to be the last man standing. Not only were the participants challenged to bring the best of their managerial prowess to the table but also, their physical endurance was tested, as they had to compete from dawn to dawn in a wide spectrum of tasks. It had Media Mayhem, Smart Sell, Pictionary, Bidding, Are We Real?- Movie Analysis and Case Studies from the four major specializations namely, HR – ‘SYNERGIO’, OPERATIONS – ‘TAKE-OFF’, FINANCE – ‘TIE – UP’, MARKETING – ‘NRITYA’ and was topped-off with a B-PLAN COMPETITION – ‘JUNK IT’.

After 36 hours of non-stop grilling and rigorous testing of their managerial skills, “PUSHKIN KASAT” from ‘SJMSOM, IIT Bombay’ emerged as the WINNER and was followed by “MANDEEP SINGH” from “SIMS, Pune” as the ‘RUNNER-UP” of BARCODE 2014 “TESSELLATE”.

Many congratulations to the well deserving winners!!!

A Good Personality makes a Leader Effective: Mr. Neville Lobo


This article is contributed by Kushal Mendiratta (Batch 2014-16). Kushal is a part of the Junior Editor team for 2014-15.

The 360 Degree Team of SIMS, organized a talk on ‘Building Self Confidence and Integration: The Key to become an Effective Leader’ which was given by Mr. Neville Lobo, VP, Corporate HR and L&T Leadership Director. He started off by going back to school and college days where teachers, parents and elders always advised us to study hard and perform well in academics, now when he looks back he realizes that the studious and the average scoring students are doing well in life but the backbenchers by which he meant who were not very good in academics are also doing extremely well today. Taking this point further, he explains that people who only had focus on academics are now restricted in terms of earnings. The corporate today requires a team player, an all-rounder and a person who carries himself well which is evident by the fact that we see this today in all the top people in various companies.

The effectiveness of a leader depends on his attitude. The root of personality is the way in which a person develops his value and belief system and the way he looks at himself. Therefore, the most important aspect of a good personality is self-image, if it is negative it is because a person is negative from within and similarly for a positive self-image. It is important to understand, value and love yourself which keeps growing your confidence.

He concluded by giving the key traits of a leader which are a) How comfortable you are using power. b) Decision making ability. c) Initiative and Drive. d) How a person carries himself. e) Self Confidence. f) Integrated person: What you think, you feel, what you feel, you do. Hence, it is important to develop one’s personality.

The event concluded with a Q&A session with the student managers.


It has been a busy month with a series of guest lectures as a part of Colloquium 2014 but that was all “The Month
That Was”. Now as a new month beckons us, it’s time to “Go Viral” with the
#SIMSIceBucketChallenge. But with the ever increasing assignments and class tests, one does wish if he or she was
as lucky as the “Royal Baby” for whom all is there for his asking. But Alas! The student managers always get out on
the “Silly Point” still wondering why the chicken had crossed the road. In the end as the rains begin to subside and
the sun shines again on the college grounds the editorial cell proudly presents the second edition of SIMS EXPRESS.

Go Viral! -An Insight on Viral Marketing

As early as 1999 a production house faked a website that effectively blurred the lines between fact and fiction. The website revolved around the movie and claimed that the three film-makers disappeared after the movie was shot. The website received millions of hits and generated curiosity among people who now were eager to watch the movie. Their marketing gimmick worked and Blair Witch Project generated $250 million worldwide and went on to become one of the highest
grossing movies. What took off was a new era of marketing campaign- Viral campaign.

Viral marketing is the latest buzzword that has entered into a list of marketing strategies. Be it a video uploaded on YouTube, Facebook or by Word of Mouth, if done right can create a big impact at a low cost. The key is sending across the right message, through the right medium at the right time. Social media has shrunk the distance between people and products. Thus marketers utilize this space to spread the marketing message.

A viral marketing campaign is unique and cannot be simulated again. A marketing message should be out of the box and should be sent across in a way that people are hooked on to it.

So the next question arises, I have my content but how do I make it viral? The answer could be as simple as posting it on social media but every post does not have the potential to become viral. For a campaign to be viral it should be easy for people to share and view updates easily. People tend to go by reviews and we ourselves recommend movies, restaurants, brands to our friends and relatives. Word of mouth advertising is powerful tool for a marketer. There are companies which have strived, although they did not make any cutting edge advertisements to promote their brand.

Tantra T-shirts is one such brand that has attracted the young crowd and yet one doesn’t see any “kickass hoardings” of Tantra. Rajiv Ramchandani, founder Tantra, says that it is the desi-cool quirkiness what gets Tantra talked about. It is internet and social media that influences the growth of word of mouth and it cannot be ignored.

Viral marketing campaign is  a powerful advertising tool but there have been cases where in the campaigns have gone terribly wrong and have had a negative impact on the brand. In 2013 Hyundai’s ad depicted a man taping a hose pipe to the exhaust of his car in a suicide attempt only to survive, thanks to the clean emissions technology in the Hyundai iX35 car. This immediately led to a heated  backlash against the brand on social media. Creating a controversial ad may seem as an interesting proposition to attract people is a high risk and may not go as planned.

Viral marketing is an easy and cost effective way to spread awareness  about your product, promote brand and reach many prospective customers. Going forward this is going to be one of the  most promising and used medium of marketing.

Social Media Manager- Who is he?

We have evolved from developing and establishing a business to spreading the business all over the world. Physically expanding the business in potential markets has an inverse impact on the company’s bottom line, whereas, through social media companies and entrepreneurs can easily expand the reach of content and attract potential customers without really  affecting the bottom line. Now companies are concentrating on strengthening their online presence since return on investment is more than 60% compared to physically setting up businesses in different markets.

Social Media manager, the designation has various roles associated with it. He has work on creating relevant content, should be efficient in his marketing and analytical skills, always up to date with latest happenings all around the world such  that he can analyze how the market is going toimpact his business and how best he can leverage it in his favor. He needs to effectively communicate and give positive response to both satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

At the same time he needs to constantly engage with different organizations in order to make a new trend instead of following one. In short he is required to create an attractive image of the company to a potential customer sitting in other part of the world. In India both, the well-established and upcoming firms have understood the importance of social media and therefore are offering roles with job description such as development of social media strategies, editorial calendars and tactical plans, including execution and management of the brand’s stratagems across different social medium such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Myspace and LinkedIn.

The Silly Point: In your opinion why do you think that
the chicken crossed the road


Himani Yadav: The chicken wanted to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the road,even though it does not eat grass. So basically the chicken was so jobless that it thought of crossing the road.

ashishAshish Mishra: The chicken crossed the road because according to her, the other side of the road was far more mysterious and worth knowing than the one where she was earlier. Like every single species on the planet, the drive to know the unknown is greater than the comfort of the known. The chicken
crossed the road to look for that Unknown. So that in coming future, that chicken can equip herself to cope up with The Theory of Evolution in a better way.

Viral Marketing Case Study:
“The Royal Baby Birth” news Hijacked

Last Year on 22nd July there was an adorable addition to the royal family by the name of Prince George of Cambridge, of the House of Windsor, third in line to the throne after Queen Elisabeth II. But as expensive the affair was to the state, Ad agencies made the most out of it by creating marketing strategies, all of which deserve crowning.Congratulation messages were being used as a tool to connect the Royal baby to their own brands, even before the birth; here are some top ones:

1. Johnson & Johnson: This double photo went viral because it was posted on twitter just before the announcement of the baby’s birth which led to the belief that J & J had insider knowledge of the birth and the whole of social media started sharing this with their friends who in turn shared with theirs. While basically people were sharing the congratulations message they also subtly projected J&J’s baby products range. The U.S. Company cleverly used the foam of their products in the shape of a crown.

2. 2Oreo: “LONG LIVE THE CRÈME” Oreo, using word play, had created a near perfect ad, depicting their cookie biscuits and a baby bottle on a royal cushion, while promoting their world famous creamy filling with the tagline: “Long Live the Crème”. The company representatives, excited about the royal baby’s arrival, said “we were thrilled to provide our own Oreo, a welcome which was, in a way, consistent with our brand’s approach.”

33. Magnum (Kwality Walla in India- HUL): “Cheers to Will & Kate on their #MiniRoyal bundle of joy!#RoyalBaby” – Magnum spread this tweet like a virus to spread the word around. Portraying the Family as a “Baby Magnum” along with
the proud “Royal-Magnums”. The picture depicts their most sold ice-cream – Chocobar, like a picture of the royal family which creates an impression in the consumer’s mind of the ice cream being as royal as the family and the family as popular as the ice-cream.


4. Charmin(P&G Brand): “Get the throne ready! There’s a new cub in the Royal family.” This was the cheesy play of words which Charmin, a P&G acquired company, made to tie the news of the arrival of the prince, to its toilet roll brand.

Ad Analyser

ad analyser


The Editorial and Media Relations Cell took the initiative of conducting its own Ice Bucket Challenge in association with Pranay. In this version, the support was extended to an NGO: ‘Yoddhas’ formed by SIMS alumni for the cause of fighting
against cancer. The ideology behind it was to go viral in supporting this very cause.

iceThe Director flagged off the event by pouring a bucket of ice water on Samrat Kaushik and Siddharth Kothari of the senior batch. The event was welcomed enthusiastically by the student managers and everybody contributed generously for the same.

The total reach of the SIMS Facebook page leaped to 17700 which is an increase by 789.5% from the previous week. This was possible only because the videos were being uploaded simultaneously and the three who were nominated by the participant, were tagged along with it. Everyone ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ their videos on Facebook, which was also a major cause for it to go viral.

The event is still going viral as people outside our college have started to take up this challenge. Rightly said by an alumni, Rahul Yadav: “It’s time to shift focus to cancer and support the “Yoddhas”.

The Month That Was

The month started with the blessings of lord Krishna and the celebrations of “Dahi Handi “ where the student managers participated in large numbers and made the event successful. 08-Aug-14 commenced the Annual business seminar Colloquium 2014 with its first event 4Thought. The topic was “An insight on Global Indian Management Thought Process”. Mr. Ajay Bhandari being the key speaker highlighted the fact that we have a lot to opportunities to grab and we are the future of the country. All the speakers extended their wishes to the student managers of and as advised them to have
belief in oneself.

Collosium being the next part of the four colloquiums had the discussion about “Indianness of HR” Madhavi
Dhanourkar elaborated on how the culture, a way of life is reflected in Indian HR policies. Strategem being the third part, theme “The Responsible Financier – India & Abroad” was to inculcate the sense of responsibility among the student  managers such that such epidemics can be avoided in future. Eminent Speakers such as Smriti Vijay (CFO & Director, Aker Solutions), Seshasayee Shankaranarayanan (VP, Credit Suisse) and Ajay Kumar Asati (Associate Dir- Research Analytics,  Crisil) gave a detailed insight on the topic and shared their experiences.

The last and final part being Womancipation themed on “Reviving career after a life transition phase” we had eminent woman dignitaries Shikha Kochar (Hindustan times) being the moderator of the discussion that how woman is the one who balances both work and domestic responsibilities no matter what transitions are happening in her life.

ganesh puja

The student managers were able to grab a lot of information from the ocean of knowledge these personals of importance possessed. Ganesh Chaturthi Towards the end of the month the student managers welcomed Ganesh, the lord of prosperity and celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi echoing the campus with the roars of “Ganpati Bappa Morya”.

Success Strategy of Nilkamal: Mr. Vinod Warrier


This article is contributed by Kushal Mendiratta (Batch 2014-16). Kushal is a part of the Junior Editor team for 2014-15.

The marketing Club of SIMS, Smark organised a talk on Success Story of Nilkamal by Mr. Vinod Warrier, VP, Sales and Marketing, Nilkamal who encapsulated the company’s journey for us. He expounded the company’s journey which started in 1950 by manufacturing plastic buttons and has now become the market leader with 32% market share. The company had to change people’s mind-set to make them accept plastic as a durable product instead of steel in the early 1990’s. As the need of the consumer changed, Nilkamal introduced variety in their products to stay competitive, for example office furniture, premium chairs, home furniture and others. It is now moving away from manufacturing only chairs to complete furniture solutions for its target consumer. This has been evident with the ‘@home’ stores and ‘Home Ideas’ retail outlets in tier 1 and tier 2 cities respectively to reach directly to the consumers. The company hence, is looking towards B2B and B2C as well for itself.

The event was concluded with a Q&A session with the student managers where it was discussed how the brand will not get disassociated with its original image among the consumers with the introduction of complete furniture solutions and how Nilkamal is looking forward to digital marketing as the market for the same matures in our country.