This article is contributed by Rhine Andotra (Batch 2014-16). Rhine is a part of the Junior Editor team for 2014-15.

“Golden age of India is ahead of us and not behind us”

Since 2005, every year this lecture series is organized by SIMS, Pune to pay a tribute to the epitome of leadership and one of a kind FIELD MARSHAL S.H.F.J MANEKSHAW. On 19th Nov 2014, the 6th annual guest lecture addressed the entrepreneur in everyone. Capt. G. R. Gopinath, also known as the father of India’s low cost airline was the honorary guest who addressed the gathering.

The lecture revolved around the topic “Entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters of India”. Capt. G. R. Gopinath shared his story of success and emphasized on the point that we cannot totally rely on the government for job creation. Entrepreneurs play a key role in providing employment to our growing population and thus reducing the burden on the government. He said the one who can dream, be determined, has fire in his belly, has faith in himself and is resilient, holds the ability to become an entrepreneur. He also showed the promotional video of Air Deccan that focused on delivering upon the dreams. He quoted that entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters of India who have the ability to win freedom for the people from poverty and malnutrition, and create something that was never expected before. They have the ability to stretch limited resources with their big dreams and give rise to a new enterprise. He believes that to be an entrepreneur it is important that a person “Dares to Dream and Begin it”. This dream alone is not enough to be a successful entrepreneur; the person must have a vision and be a slave to that dream. Also, he should be obedient to the secret impulse and turn it into reality.

He also talked about how entrepreneurs can impact the society and make consumer aspirational. He said one can do this by repeatedly challenging status quo and by strongly believing in one’s dream. Everybody is a genius but it is only through hard work and trust one can achieve success. He explained these points giving examples from his own life; from being in army for 8 years and then going back to his village to start farming to becoming an agricultural consultant and starting his own helicopter service in Bangalore.

He concluded by saying that Entrepreneurs have always been the agents of change who never follow a beaten path but they make their own path.