Exploring Creativity and Screenplay with Ms Megha Ramaswamy

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This article is contributed by Kushal Mendiratta (Batch 2014-16). Kushal is part of the Junior Editor team for 2014-15.

The 360 Degree Team of SIMS organized a talk on “Exploring Creativity and Screenplay” which was given by Ms. Megha Ramaswamy, a screenwriter, director and a film producer. She has gained recognition for her splendid work as a writer in Shaitan (2011) and as writer and director in Bunny(2013) and Newborns (2014). Her recent movie, Newborns is a a hybrid documentary about acid survivors, produced by Recyclewala Labs in association with the delhi-based ‘Stop Acid Attacks’ initiative, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF in September ’14. In collaboration with SAA she spearheaded the `Spot of Shame’, a nation-wide campaign that aims to generate public awareness around the issue to stop such further attacks.

The session started with an 8 minute clip of Newborns. Everybody present was able to hear the silence in the auditorium afterwards. She shared her experiences and the facts that were witnessed while making the movie. It was touching and thought provoking at the same time.

Later she went on explaining that how each one of us is doing something new in his/her own way which makes each one of us a creative being. This was followed by the explanation of some jargons commonly used like log line, plot, action and others. Log line caught the attention of many marketing students as it was similar to a jargon used by marketers. Every person has to market, do finances, manage people and do day-to-day work efficiently. Hence every field requires the manager in you.

Then she went on to explain the four elements that goes on to make a screenplay: 1) Character, 2) Action, 3) Plot and 4) The end. It was a very enthralling dialogue and gave a good thought to end a working weekend on.

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