Orientation: An Odyssey

This article has been contributed by Arushi Mathur ( Batch 2016-2018).Arushi is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2016-2018.

As we stand on the opposite end of the spectrum beaming at our old selves, each one of us realises that a change has come over us. It might be minuscule, but it is present in each of us. Moreover, the realisation itself is what makes all the difference.

The orientation began on a hot summer afternoon. It was the first day of June.  On this very day the chosen ones, i.e. those who had cleared all the rounds of the GE/PIWAT session held in February, set foot on the hallowed grounds of their future alma mater: SIMS.It was a four-phase process, which gradually became more difficult. Every evening we assembled under the huge ‘dome’ in neatly wrapped saris and buttoned-up shirts. Our esteemed director and student council welcomed us on the first day with an encouraging message. Then we were free to buy our necessities for the week, as we could not go out of the campus until the orientation ended.

Thus began the arduous journey of the newly inducted “SIMSites”. The thing that caught my attention was that there was a meticulously planned agenda for each day and not a moment’s time was wasted. Each day there was a different activity and/or an assignment in store for us. This proved to be an added advantage in hindsight, as we did not feel homesick and lost. The assignments were such that we interacted with teachers and students. We gelled right in.The workload never deterred us, as we were a spirited bunch. I would like to tell the reader, that despite the fact that penalties ran beyond twenty pages, most of us completed them on time.

Some of the best professionals came and spoke to us about issues such as waste management, entrepreneurial opportunities, careers in marketing, scope if international business and much more. These guest lectures helped us understand the cutthroat corporate world a little better and dispel popular myths about different specialisations.

Every day we faced a new challenge and surpassed our limits. However, it was not all work and no play. We went to visit the beautiful ‘Ghordeshwaray’ temple and the ‘Sinhagad’ fort. It was a good mixture of adventure and relaxation.The director, the student council, and the staff supported and guided us through this rigorous, but delightful period. Everyone felt a difference in his or her capabilities and confidence.

What joy and relief we felt when it was finally over! The feeling was inexplicable. We danced and jumped around, celebrating the end of the orientation. Afterwards, a grand party and a scrumptious meal awaited us.  We rejoiced, for we had created memories and learnt valuable lessons that we would cherish for the rest of our lives.



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