Ten things I learnt during the Orientation

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”
– Steve Jobs

Isn’t it true, that the many things we did or were made to do during the orientation didn’t make sense then but, they do now. Each one of us has his/her own set of learnings from the orientation. I’ve penned down some of mine below:

  1. How to have three souls.

Orientation taught me how to possess THREE souls. One being my ID card, second being my SIMS folder and the third being my water bottle. If any of these were missing then penalties it was. While my second soul rests on my book shelf in the room, my first soul hangs around my neck every day.


  1. How not to fall asleep during guest lectures.

This requires a special mention because in the auditorium “Jo so gaya woh marr gaya !”

I used to be petrified about falling asleep. The ones who did were heroes in my eyes, as the student council was always on the prowl To keep ourselves awake, we were advised to keep sipping water. However, it didn’t work for me, pinching myself really hard on the arm did.

  1. How to eat and get dressed in a flash.

Taking two to five minutes to eat meals, five to shower and about ten to drape a saree, was not by choice. I was always short on time because of strict timelines. Orientation taught me how to be quick and utilise my time for better things like ā€“ ASSIGNMENTS. Am I not efficient? šŸ™‚

  1. How to write super fast.

In the past I have left so many papers incomplete because I couldn’t write fast (enough) and manage my time(well). I can either be fast (and scribble) or be neat. Definitely not both. But, orientation came to my rescue. Amidst all the whines and pen stains smeared on my hands, I learnt to push my limits.

  1. How to make Presentations.

This may come as a shock but I haven’t made a single presentation in my life. Five days into the orientation, I made my first PPT and presented in front of the director. The do’s and don’ts of PPT making demonstrated during the batch meets really helped me. Somewhere between a murky yellow (background) slide to a pretty white (background) slide, I learnt how to make PPTs.

  1. How to perform Yoga.

Remember the yoga sessions? Each time the instructor said “Do Shavasan”, we would say “thank you ma’am” in unison. That was my favourite part. I always wanted to learn Yoga, so I was very glad that I got to learn the basic asanas. But I am also very inflexible, so for many of those asanas, I sat on the yoga mat, watching everyone else. Of course it wasn’t a very pretty sight, just a very funny one

  1. How sleeping for just 4 hours a day won’t kill you

We all thought we won’t last. But we did.

I am not a panda who likes to sleep a lot, but sleeping for just four hours was difficult. Three days into the orientation, I wanted to give up. But with each day, I got used to it. Sleeping for lesser number of hours is coming in really handy now.

  1. How to run in a saree.

“Ma’am, please don’t run”;

“Ma’am, please slow down”;

“Ma’am, you’ll fall down”

By the end of the orientation, I was so used to these words. I found it hard to meethe deadlines for the assignments, so, every night, I ran for my life, from my room to the acad block, to submit them. Thanks to the orientation, from tripping while walking in a saree, I graduated to seamlessly running in one.

  1. How to handle pressure and manage time.

The credit for this solely goes to the batch meets and the assignments. The orientation set really high standards for handling pressure. Meeting deadlines is less of a challenge now. Stressful yes, but manageable. Someone had rightly said, if you can sail through orientation, you can sail through the two years of MBA.

And last, but not the least,

  1. How to make friends.

Being a Fauji kid, this has never been a problem. However, I experienced a different kind of feeling while connecting with people in SIMS. Just a ‘hi’ here, a smile there or a random question did the job. The washroom and the lift were places where intense conversations took place. At the end of the day, it was comforting to know that all three hundred of us are sailing in the same boat It helped us unite.

Sagarika Dutta

Batch 2017


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