This post comes all the way from a proud alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies,  Omkar Chatterji (Batch 2011-13). Omkar is currently working with Credit Suisse.omkar


From start to finish, a roller coaster of a ride,

Walked in humble, walked out with pride..

A few words can never sum up an experience like it,

Yet I’ll attempt the same… Just a bit..

A place that made us all change,

A place having no limits to strange..

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Orientation 2011-13.. The Dream Walkthrough!

chandniThis article has been contributed by Chandni Bahl, Batch 2011-13. Chandni is currently working with DraftFCB + ULKA. 
Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Roaming around some random streets in my dream, I hear a faint music coming from a far away land..I walk towards it as the volume increases.. Suddenly I am in some other world.. I feel something soft instead of the road like a bed and the music is louder than ever… It doesn’t stop till I turn off the alarm on my phone.
Within a blink I find myself amidst a sea of people rotating their heads and toes and wrists and all that they can manage in the semi darkness…
Soon I find myself running towards this canteen..( don’t ask me what is the hurry.. I have no clue) and it seemed a little difficult with whatever is tied around me because it is getting stuck in my heels..! ( It sure must be some emergency.. otherwise running with heels?)

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