A Talk With Mr.Minocher Patel

Mr Minocher Patel

Mr Minochar Patel, Leading Motivational Speaker visited our campus on 12 July 2014. Interviewed by Tanmay Joshi and Akshaya Ravi batch (2014-2016)

Q: As a motivational speaker you inspire and motivate others, but as an individual what motivates you every morning, every day of the week?

Ans: Like I say, my goal is simple, to see you meet your goals, and it is truly so. Every time I feel that if my presence has made at least one person happy and motivated, I too feel very elated and motivated to carry on. Lots of people believe what I do is my job, but in reality it is not just a job, never was a job and never will be, because I love what I do.


Q: What motivated you to start “Ecole Solitaire”? Considering the fact that concept of finishing school is not so much prevalent in the country yet.

Ans: People in India lack “self-presentation“. They may be well qualified but they still need to work upon etiquettes and manners. Every school/college should have finishing wing so as to impart not just knowledge but also skills such as etiquettes, communication skills, and personality development.


Q: Did you have support from family and friends when you first proposed the idea of this type of school since not many have ventured in this untested avenue?

Ans: Obviously the people around me were sceptical about this idea, but they did support me through thick and thin. I started this school along with my good friend Anil Goel.


Q: Tell us about your book – ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY?

Ans: The book ordinary to extraordinary is a highly motivational book. I intended it for the youngsters of our society who have so much energy and potential to do wonders.


Q: What is your advice to budding entrepreneurs?

Ans: India is a land of opportunities. Entrepreneurs should step up and follow their dreams. One should look for a good team of like-minded, motivated, competent people. Before taking the leap one should plan well so as to be prepared for all eventualities. Because hard work should always be accompanied by smart work. And lastly believe in God.

Q: In a corporate environment do you feel it would be conducive to be always jolly and smiling? Would it not be perceived as being aloof and at times unproductive?

Ans: Some people have this mind block that if you are a business professional you have to don this poker-face expression to be able to lead or manage, but actually you will yourself notice the effect positive energy has on people around you when you are happy and making others happy. You don’t need to be funny all the time. What happens is when you are serious all the time, you don’t tend to attract feedback which is not at all good.

A talk with Shripal Gandhi

Mr Shripal Gandhi, Founder CEO, Swipe Telecom, visited SIMS campus during Barcode, and was interviewed by Mihir Haryal, Batch 2013-15,  Editorial and Media Relations Cell of SIMS. 


Q. What is the prime difference between leading a normal life and leading an entrepreneurial life?

A- An entrepreneurial life involves taking a lot of sacrifices each day on multiple fronts. But before becoming an entrepreneur, an individual must be sure of what he is willing to give up. That said, the rewards are also very high; be it in terms of monetary abundance or an individual’s holistic growth. This life is very self driven, here you are an auto-starter not a kick-starter. An entrepreneur always gets out of his bed on his own sweet will, which I believe is one of the differences of this life. We’re very passionate about our work, we treat our ideas, like a mother would [love] her baby.

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Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn

262678_10150320820281177_8276889_nThis interview has been compiled by Tania Puri (Batch 2013-15), Junior Editor @ Editorial and Media Relations Cell, SIMS.




A lady who has demonstrated sheer courage, strength, perseverance in her life, an epitome of poise and elegance, Ms. Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach for India is an inspiration for many. She left her plush life and chose to follow a completely different path, looking after and working for the under privileged in India. Some excerpts from an interview with her on the occasion of the 360 degree lecture series on 7th Sept 2013.

You can follow the live tweets from her presentation at https://twitter.com/PuneSIMS


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Bhutto, Media Bias and Lunch with Cyrus Bharucha

288660_159250414161560_272447489_oInterviewed and compiled by Akshant Dhruvraj (Batch 2013-15). Junior Editor @ Editorial and Media Relations Cell.


Investigative journalists are becoming a rare commodity. In future the term might just be referred to as an oxymoron. Today anything and everything is breaking news, so much so that we might consider Priyanka Chopra’s affair with Shahrukh more important news than war in Syria. We have our media that sensationalizes every piece of journalistic brilliance that they can get their hands on, whether it be an India TV reporting about the haunted potholes of Mumbai or Times Now being…well…Times Now. (Are you listening Arnab Goswami).


Mr. Cyrus Bharucha @ SIMS, Pune

Amongst all this, it’s refreshing to meet someone who comes from the old school of media and journalism. Remember that time, when journalistic accuracy was more important than garnering TRPs by making people use glycerine on “panel debate” shows.

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