About Us

Hi all!

We at the Editorial Cell, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, take pleasure in introducing to you our very own SIMS Blog.


What sets our blog apart? The fact that we believe in team work.

Blogging has long had a reputation as something done by an individual, as a niche website that allows people to have a small presence on the web. The truth is that blogging has the potential to be so much more. Taking this thought forward, we have created a blog which provides multiple authoring. So if you’re a student at SIMS, or an alumnus, faculty or staff member, or if you have had any kind of association with the institute, it is time to let the words do the talking.

Any anecdotes you have to share, any burning issue you hold an opinion on, or any gyaan you would like to dole out, just pen it down and send it across. Want the world to sit up and notice the photographer in you? Send us some of your work. You discover a new place in and around Pune, and you think it’s trip-worthy, let everyone know about it.
You don’t have to have a penchant for writing. No “grandiloquence in prose” required. It’s just a platform for sharing your thoughts. YOU get to be the author here.

It’s time to turn your Wordsworth Mode on, and get posting!

SENIOR EDITORS  (2014-2015)


Nupur Maheshwari:

A born artist, this designer has all the creativity in the world.

She can be spotted in the crowd not only because of her cute curls but also of her great vision and the power to innovate.













Smita Mishra:

She is an expertise in every field, an all rounder. Her wisdom and intelligence signifies the volumes ok knowledge she has.                    A person full of love, laughter and life .












Akida Wahi:

She can be aptly called as the Promethean of the editorial and media relations cell. Pioneer in her writings, she pens down amazing poems. Her detail-oriented nature stands her apart from the rest.