Bhutto, Media Bias and Lunch with Cyrus Bharucha

288660_159250414161560_272447489_oInterviewed and compiled by Akshant Dhruvraj (Batch 2013-15). Junior Editor @ Editorial and Media Relations Cell.


Investigative journalists are becoming a rare commodity. In future the term might just be referred to as an oxymoron. Today anything and everything is breaking news, so much so that we might consider Priyanka Chopra’s affair with Shahrukh more important news than war in Syria. We have our media that sensationalizes every piece of journalistic brilliance that they can get their hands on, whether it be an India TV reporting about the haunted potholes of Mumbai or Times Now being…well…Times Now. (Are you listening Arnab Goswami).


Mr. Cyrus Bharucha @ SIMS, Pune

Amongst all this, it’s refreshing to meet someone who comes from the old school of media and journalism. Remember that time, when journalistic accuracy was more important than garnering TRPs by making people use glycerine on “panel debate” shows.

It was a pleasure meeting and interviewing BBC Producer and Director Cyrus Bharucha. Continue reading