360 degree lecture series : Dileep Padgaonkar

 Shagun Kanwar

Only but the truth..

“Media is a canvas of different shades of truth – the whole truth, the half-truth and the lies – sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference”.

360 degree team roped in yet another pioneering personality, Dr Dilip Padgaonkar, a noted author and journalist, addressing on the “Storm in the political ocean”.


Much knowledge of what happens in our lives comes from the media. He elaborated that it is of critical importance that the public is aware of where the fact ends and the fiction begins thus posing a lot of stress on media literacy. Need of the hour is to build perspective and in the same regard given that the media is driven by personality, celebrity and drama he outlined seven major shifts in the locus of power.

First, there is a shift from the state to the market. Except CPM and AAP no other entity challenges the market in gaining control. Second, civil society has found exposure and there is a growing influence putting a big question mark on the ‘Janta hai’ trademark seen in the country. Third, there is a shift from the upper caste to lower down the ladder thus covering more mass of the population. Fourth, the transition from an older generation to a younger generation, which puts an onus on us to leverage this window of opportunity as it’s not going to last forever. Fifth there is a transition from a male centric India to a female centric India suggesting that the initially dormant half of the population is now getting empowered. Sixth is the change from a techno phobic India to a techno philic India and how the Indians are embracing technology these days. Lastly from a nonaligned country to a country determined to be multi aligned.

On a parting note Mr Padgaonkar divulged that India is not a seamless continuum and that the potential culture of every state is different and every state requires a different approach but at the same time there is a profound sense of unity that brings an Indian idea of modernity in the context. He appealed to look at the entire federal structure of the country in a different manner. His seasoned approach had left the audience spellbound and intrigued at the same time.

13 Dec 2013 : Day 2 of SIMSARC 2013

Day 2 of the Annual Research Conference carried on with the same enthusiasm and vigour of the previous day. The first speaker of the day was Dr. Swati Shirwadkar, Professor and HOD, Department of Sociology, University of Pune. She spoke on the topic, “Ethics in Education towards the future of society”.  Dr. Shirwadkar said that in an era of globalization and the world pushing boundaries at a fast pace, education and ethics play an important role in guiding the world in the right direction.

Development in technology is the solution to everything. Education is a tool that empowers people and helps fight social plagues such as corruption, injustice and inequality. She urged the student managers to help the society to move forward with the right ethos and values.  Continue reading

12 Dec 2013 : Day 1 of SIMSARC 2013

“You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer, create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish.” – Ken Robinson

Day 1 of the Annual Research Conference in SIMS, SIMSARC 2013, saw eminent and renowned personalities grace the occasion. The Chief Guest for the day was Dr. Ann Murphy, Dean, Metropolitan State Univ. of Denver, USA and the Guest of Honour was Mr. Filip Vandenberghe, Managing Director, Atlas Copco.

The auspicious occasion commenced with lightening of the lamp by Dr. Murphy, Mr. Vandenberghe, Brig Rajiv Diwekar, Director, SIMS and Mr. Londhe, Deputy Director SIMS. This was followed by an address by both, Dr. Murphy and Mr. Vandenberghe. Dr. Murphy spoke about international accreditation, why seek accreditation and what does an accreditation process look like. She gave wonderful insights into the entire process, its pros and cons and how it is helpful. Mr. Vandenberghe addressed issues related to societal imbalances and expectations. He said that businesses need to be more proactive inorder to fulfil societal expectations and have to play a dominant role to minimize them to the best extent possible. In Mr. Vandenberghe’s view, this can only be done by optimally utilizing available resources and encouraging innovation in all spheres.

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11 Dec 2013: SIMSARC Pre Event Workshop

Arthur C. Clark once said, “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

SIMS aims at a holistic development of its student managers and for that reason, the Research Conference, organized by the Research Cell, commenced on the 11 December, 2013. The aim of the conference is to acquaint the student managers with the beautiful and mysterious realm of the research world and what it takes to push boundaries and search for the unknown.

The speakers for Pre-Event workshop of the conference included Dr. Peter Stokes, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business, Enterprise & Lifelong Learning, University of Chester – UK. Dr. Stokes spoke about how essential it is to present the contents of a research in a manner that is self explanatory, factual and well articulated.



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Reliving The Biking Experience

The Adventure Club – Backpackers organised yet another enthralling event to keep its legacy of riveting experiences. It was a cycling event this time and the route was from SIMS to SIU Lavle campus, a 40 km ride on bicycles organised by the strong efforts of Umesh Chander Sharma of batch 2013-15. A good, pumped up group of forty three registered for the event and started off at 6 AM. The morning of 10th November was drenched with enthusiasm as each participant anticipated the outcome and expected to put their capacity to test.
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A Note to the JEdi

This article is contributed by Mihir Haryal (Batch 2013-15). Mihir is a part of the JEdi ( Junior Editor) team for 2013-14.SIMS-blog-mihir

Tomorrow the first semester would come to an end, and I must admit it was great to be in a team with guys as great as you all.
The creative ocean that Nupur is, the boss in bhadrakali, the dependable Akshant, cheerful Akida, quiet and composed Tania, witty Shagun, cute Avneet, chilled out Shyam and Shrey.
I never thought I’d get close to being even the slightest amount of emotional here, but somehow it was difficult for me to withhold this message. You guys have given me some brilliant memories to cherish and I have found an adorable teacher in Smita. I love the pride I felt when we guys moved around as a team, the blue badge was of the few things that kept me clicking all the time, trying to fit my way into this team of gloriously talented people.
The high I felt at being in the Editorial was inebriating.  I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t sure if applying for the Ed Cell was the best decision back then, I’m glad that time proved me wrong. I generally prefer not to get close to people, but with the wonderful group of people at the cell I couldn’t help but be a fan of each one of you.SIMS- blog
I respect time for the unifying love it spreads, as much as I do that I can’t help but fear it, for things fade. I really hope that any day in the future when I look at the Ed Cell room, at the black t-shirt, at that badge, at the lovely people in the cell, at the newsletter at the Facebook page and those little things that defined us, I can think to myself, “I’ve felt them as if they were a part of me”
I really wish that in the future I can still someday look myself in the eye and feel proud to be a Junior Editor.
Be proud of that one force that binds us all.

Be a JEdi all my life.

The rise of Swipe Telecom and the Story of Shripal Gandhi

SIMS - blog

Amid much media hype at the launch event of Swipe 3D Tabs, with the presence of Malaika Arora Khan, Swipe Telecom started it’s operations in India by selling Budget Tabs through online channels last year July. In the past year, it has shifted to offline channels as well and is among the leading Tablet companies in India. Based out of Pune and headed by Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Swipe derives its main strengths from the design and consumer centric marketing efforts on its products. Many features like localized languages and student centric information and apps have also contributed to its major success, especially in smaller towns and cities across North India.

On September 29, 2013 SIMS was honoured by the presence of Mr. Shripal Gandhi. Zainul Siddiqui (Batch 2012-14) writes about the address he delivered to enlighten the young entrepreneurial minds. Click on the link below to get your hands on an informative and compelling read:


Euphoria tackles Malice

This poem has been contributed by Gaurav Nayal (Batch 2013-15)


Did I ever try to figure out the malice in the problem

That lay between us, two stubborn souls

What was the cause and what went wrong

Still we stood aside, playing our roles

The sarcasm that my spectral fate had played with me

Left a mark of pity on the inference in your way

Perhaps you noticed it, I do not know

But surely the dying respect had let you make your day

No sort of understanding could clear this exhausting fuss

Making it useless to fight the one-sided battle

Now what lay between us mortal beings

Was the sound of silence; the undying rattle

Yet the uncanny part of each of our lives

Is how we decide what disturbs us most

Whether to face it one on one

Or to escape away from coast to coast

How harsh this world would seem at times

And at times, a heavenly abode

If only we could trust each other

We’d be walking down this ‘Glory Road’

The very spirit embodied my soul

Fostered me to discover the ‘Phlegmatic dove’

Who dwelled in my heart to reveal the needless rift

Now bridged by the mercy of ‘Phantom love’

Orientation ~ A Parallel Universe

This article has been contributed by Gaurav Nayal (Batch 2013-15)24980_337871472764_2305805_n


I entered the threshold of SIMS, for the very first time, on the 3rd of February, 2013. The occasion was a GE/PI session for admission in this prestigious institute. Little did I know that in a matter of a few months I would be standing under the same dome in sharp formals and a closely-trimmed head a.k.a. “The SIMS-Cut” along with three hundred others who’ll share the same fate as me for the next couple of years. The orientation had started and we were all in for an out-of-the-world experience.

The first thing I noticed about the orientation was the systematic nature in which each and every thing was being conducted- from the official batch mails informing us of our upcoming tasks to the execution of the batch meets where our entire day was summarized and evaluated individually. I was thoroughly impressed by the entire smorgasbord of this management haven. Continue reading