Director Sir’s Address


SIMS is a premier hub of management education for Armed Forces personnel and their dependents. Our mission is to develop an ethos of corporate professionalism in student managers, while at the same time providing a forum for sharing experiences and knowledge among the academic-business-services fraternity.

Taking our vision ahead, we have launched the official SIMS blog. The aim of this blog is to establish a platform where the entire SIMS family can come together and partake in discussing subjects we all can relate to.

SIMS is active on Facebook, Twitter and PagalGuy, and this blog is yet another feat in expanding our online presence.

Blogs are increasingly being viewed as an effective tool, not only as a representation of the institute, but also to judge the calibre of the students in it. We create professionals with a sense of responsibility and dependability. Hence, care must be taken to post content which is not defamatory or derogatory in any way. Criticism is something which should be constructive, for all to benefit. The idea is to get a miscellanea of views in one glance, and the blog will solve that purpose.

I am happy the Editorial and Media Relations Cell has come up with this engaging concept. I wish them all the best, and hope this serves to be our window to the world.

Brig (retd) Rajiv Divekar

Director, SIMS Pune